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Insert data into a new spreadsheet row. The new row(s) need to already exist in the spreadsheet and must be created by previous test steps.

Object: xPath to the spreadsheet (See Spreadsheet section of working with xPath)

Data: A data provider on the data that must be entered into the cells of the spreadsheet.

To create a data provider:

  1. Go to the ProjectData tab and scroll to the first free line in the sheet.

    Leaving a blank row between the last row with data, enter a name for the data provided in the Column of a spreadsheet.

  2. In the row below the column enter the column headers of the spreadsheet as they appear in the UI. You only need the column you want to enter data in.

  3. In the next row, enter the data that must be entered the cells. If the cell is a lookup, provide the data as it appears in the lookup for selection. You can list as many rows as you want and the framework will find the next available new row to insert the data into.

To create the string for the data cell of the test step:

  1. In the Data cell, enter the following text, where data provider name is the name from step 2, column name is the name of the column you want to click on and value to click on is the value of that cell.

    DataProvider_ProjectData= data provider name

  2. For example: To insert data into this spreadsheet row which was added in the previous step,

  3. The data provider would be:

    User ID, Distribution List and Approver are all lookups.

  4. And the entered data in the data cell of the test step would be: