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This applies for the icons on the spreadsheet menu bar only. All other buttons menus must use other keywords/xPath methods.

For All icons except the Save Icon, follow the steps below.

  1. Using Developer tools highlight the icon.

  2. Right-click on the <I class… line and get the xPath.

  3. Adjust the xPath to replace the ID with contain pattern.

    For example: //*[contains(@id,"-28340_bannerCell6"]/div/a[5]/i

Save Icon

Using the above method to get the Save icon will not get you the xPath that is unique enough.

It will be //*[@id="TOOLBAR_SAVE"]/I. which you have two spreadsheets visible and it is not enough to uniquely identify which save icon (top or bottom) you want. It will be random which one the framework will click.

To get xPath to uniquely identify the Save icon, follow these steps.

  1. Use Developer tools to highlight the Save icon.

  2. In the screenshot below, the black arrow is pointing to what should be highlighted after selecting the Save icon.

  3. Right click on the <i class… element directly above the highlighted section and get the xPath. In the screenshot below the red arrow is pointing to it

    The Red arrow shows the line you want to get the xPath for.

    The xPath looks as follows:


  4. First replace the id equals pattern with contains- //*[contains(@id,"-16761_bannerCell6")]/div/a[8]/i

  5. Lastly, increase the last index, in this case [8] to [9] - //*[contains(@id,"-16761_bannerCell6")]/div/a[9]/i

Function Button

  1. To find the xPath for the menu, click on the Function button and then highlight the entire drop down menu.


    This will highlight a piece of XML as shown below in Dev tools.

  2. Get the number from the class attribute and use the following xPath where # is replaced by the number from the class.

    //*[contains(@class, 'dhx_toolbar_poly_dhx_skyblue dhxtoolbar_icons_#')]/table/tbody