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Verify the row in an EcoSys spreadsheet in a browser is read-only.

Object- xPath to the spreadsheet (See Spreadsheet section of working with xPath)

Data- A data provider for finding the row and trying editing cells. The data provider and data field provide the framework with information on how to find the correct row.

DataProvider_ProjectData=data provider name>ColName=column name>ClickRowVal=value to click on

For example, click on the BCPortfolio Regression in this Spreadsheet and edit the cells in the row.

The data provider would be:

The Action column in the data provider directs the framework what to do with the data on the row.

For example, Find in the action column is supposed to find the row with the values specified. For the action InsertReadonly is supposed to attempt editing the cell and returns the result based on the cell value provided in the data provider. If its value is Yes for the InsertReadonly action, it’s expecting a readonly cell, returns the result of pass or fail based on the expected value.

And the enter in the data cell of the test step would be:

DataProvider_BaseConfigProjectSetup=PortfolioRegisterSummarySS>ColName=Portfolio>ClickRowVal=BCPortfolio Regression