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After the execution, you must review the following files:

  1. C:\ EcoSysAutomationFramework\Run.log or Run-UI.log is the output of the script runner and has minimal information. It will only contain error message about the script not being able to execute because of infrastructure issues such as file permissions, browser not being able to launch, and so on.

  2. C:\ EcoSysAutomationFramework\Results\[Datetime]_< Test Suite Name > directory contains the run results of the execution where [Datetime] is the start date and time of the run.

    Inside this folder, there is a folder < Test Suite Name >.html file.. This file contains a row for each step defined in the xlsx file indicating if the step is passed or failed.

  3. For each step, the Actuals Result column is a link to a screen shot (located in the same directory) of the state of EcoSys app after the keyword has executed. The step by step results with screen shots will help you review failures, debug script modifications, and understand the process at each step.

  4. TestLogSummary.log is a verbose text file printing ‘debug’ style messages from the keywords.

  5. C:\EcoSysAutomationFramework\SupportFiles\<Test Suite Name>\Mismatch folder will have a copy of the Excel baseline files for any Spreadsheet/Report verifications done. This excel file contains the cells that did not match and are highlighted in Red.

    Using the baseline, mismatch file, and screen shots helps you to view how the test ran. If the test fails, you can determine if there is a script issue, configuration issue, or product issue for the failure.