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The framework currently includes example scripts that execute the functionality of Standard products. Current the following example scripts for the corresponding Standard Products and EcoSys releases are included in the framework

Test Suite Name

Standard Products Version

EcoSys Version


2019 RA



2010 RB


The script includes the following modules:

  • Projects

  • Budgets

  • Actuals

  • Earned Value

  • Forecasts

  • Changes

The current script is executed in the above order and each step builds on the previous step. To run the script successfully, each section needs to be run in this order. To complete the script successfully, certain prerequisites are required, see the Prerequistes to run EcoSys Standard Products example scripts.

The current script starts by using the Reorganization functionality of deleting a ‘Project’ (Root Cost Object) and its associated data and transactions. It then creates a new Project and continues to add data to exercise the EcoSys Project functionality. It is not required to run the entire script, different sections can be removed or re-used, but when doing so you must:

  1. Ensure that the script is repeatable and there is a method to remove/reset data that will change from each run.

  2. Steps flow and the necessary data is available for use at the time of test step execution.

EcoSys Project xPath identifiers must be the same if the configuration has not been changed. Usually, changing the existing configuration (for example, adding a column to a spreadsheet) will not affect the xPath ids, but replacing an Action Batch, Spreadsheet, and Screen Layout will affect the xPath ids.

The sample scripts are reference materials that can be used as:

  • A starting point for scripting modules based on Standard Products

  • A source of examples on how to automate certain scenarios/UI components in EcoSys