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Verify the data that is displayed in an EcoSys report in a browser with a baseline. The baseline files must be in the BaselineFilePath column defined in FrameworkInputSheet.xlsx. If the data in a cell mismatches, it is highlighted in red background and placed in the path specified in the MismatchFilePath column of FrameworkInputSheet.xlsx.

Object- xPath to the report table body, (optional) reportname=

If there are multiple reports in the screen like screen layouts, you must specify the report name.

For example, /html/body/table/tbody, reportname=CostObjectReport

Data- Baseline file, (optional) SkipColumn=, SkipRowNumber=

For example, Baseline_report1.xlsx

Option- You can skip a column or a row for the verification execution.

For example, Baseline_report1.xlsx, skipColIndex=2, skipRowIndex= 4