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Selects the data in any type of lookups including multi-value select lookups in EcoSys. The Lookup must open at the previous test step and the desired view must be selected. If search is selected, provide the exact string as it appears in the list. If hierarchy view or list view of the lookup is selected, provide the full path of the data using the > character to separate each level. For multi-value lookup selections, use , as the delimiter between values.

Object- None

Data- The string to select as it appears on the lookup.

Example: Cost Object lookup has 5 different ways to search an object in the lookup.

To use the Cost object Search (All Levels) view, select a cost object and provide the exact string that appear on the search list for the data.

Using the Owner Organization Hierarchy view in the cost object lookup, provide the full path of the hierarchy from the root to the child as it appears in the hierarchy.

Example: Category lookups allow you to select multiple values. Using , symbol as a delimiter between values, you can specify multiple values to select in the data cell.\-\-