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For the Spreadsheet menu, the following two xPaths are required:

  • Top menu

  • Menu that is displayed when clicking on an item on the top menu.

Top Menu

  1. In Dev tools, highlight the menu so the entire length of the menu from Sheet to where the icons start is highlighted and the pop up has the following text.

  2. Get the xPath which looks as follows:


    1. Remove the [1] from the end

    2. Add /table/tbody/tr/td/div to the end

    3. Change the[@id="wksNUM1-NUM2_bannerInnerTable"] to it[contains(@id,"-NUM2_bannerInnerTable")]

      Example: //*[contains(@id,"-16760_bannerInnerTable")]/tbody/tr/td/table/tbody/tr/td/div

Drop down menu

Follow the steps below to get the xPath of the drop down menu like sheets or Edit.

  1. Highlight the sheet menu item as shown in the screenshot through indicators.

  2. Once the correct XML in the DOM is highlighted (black arrow in the below picture), click on the xml just above what is highlighted (red arrow) and get the xPath.

     The xPath will look as follows:


  3.  Convert it to use contain pattern - //*[contains(@id,"_sheetDropdown-16760")]

  4. Add /div[2]/table/tbody/tr to the end.