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Contains the ‘object repository’ files with the name <Test Suite Name> This file contains key-value pairs defining the xPath that will be used to identify and manipulate UI elements in the browser running EcoSys.


Contains the FrameworkInputSheet.xlsx which lists the test suites as well as the associated configuration and data on how they must be executed.

Also contains <Test Suite Name>.xlsx which implements a test suite as a list of steps to be executed.


Directory contains the results from individual test suite executions. Includes a HTML overview result, detailed test summary log file, and screen shots of each step.


Contains sub-directories for each Test Suite. Each Test Suite sub-directory contains the following directories.

  • Baseline- Contains xlsx or xls files that are approved baseline results that will be used to compare against EcoSys screens/xls/xlsx during an execution run

  • FilesToImport- xls or xlsx files that will be used by import steps during a test run.

  • Batch File Download- If a test step exports a spreadsheet/report from EcoSys or runs a report batch this folder is where that file will be copied to preserve it for analysis.

  • MisMatch- Contains a copy of the baseline file with cells that does not match the baseline annotated (xlsx format the cells are made red, xls the cells will have black cross hatching).