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The dynamic labeling is currently supported for Asset, Documents, Tasks, and Punchlist managers.

Why do you need dynamic field labels?

You can now customize the field names of assets and punchlist modules according to the required settings of your organization. For example, a Work category can also be renamed as a Job Category. The dynamic labeling allows you to make such changes in naming the fields according to the user convenience.

How to rename field names?

The fields in the edit form can be locked if they are not required. Fields can also be set as Required fields and renamed. For more information on how to set required fields, see Updating Workflows for Smart forms.

You can now set required fields separately for the workflow as well as the edit fields of the managers. For example, if you are to edit a punchlist record, you can set required fields of the punchlist record as Discipline, Work Category, and Comments. Also, you can set Required action as a required field for the workflow state.

This implies that you can save a record by filling up the required fields set for the punchlist record, but in order to submit it you need to update the required action field too. Else, the workflow required field does not allow the workflow to proceed further.

Workflow reqd field