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You cannot edit a punchlist that is Closed, Rejected or Checked out by another user.

  1. In the Punchlists page, click on a row to view the punchlist details in the Punchlist tab.

    When you select a punchlist which is already checked out by another user, you see a message on screen stating "Cannot be edited as it has been checkout by another user: <username>".

  2. Make changes to the punchlist details. To edit the details, select any specific label, for example, Punchlist Type.

    Android - Edit Punchlist

  3. A pop-up with all Punchlist Types is shown on the screen. Select the required punchlist type from the list, and click OK.

    SHARED Tip You can select a single option at a time for all the edit lists of the punchlist page.

  4. In the Location / Systemization Associations section, click Get Location. This will provide the latitude, longitude, and altitude coordinates of the object in the plant.

    Punchlist Get Location

    The accuracy of the location varies from 100-500 meters of the actual tag object location.

  5. Upload images using the Take Pictures options from the As-Found Data or As-Left Data sections.

    • You can upload a maximum of two images at a time. After upload, the images are shown in carousel view.

    • A maximum size limit of 3 MB is set for each image.

  6. Click Save in the top bar to save your changes.

  7. In the Reference Documents tab, view all the documents associated with the punchlist.

    You can now view third party documents available in the third party document management system both online and offline.

  8. In the Images tab, you can select an image by long press, which activates the delete icon. Select all images you would like to delete and then click delete icon.

    Android - PL Delete Icon

    SHARED Tip In the Images tab, you can also view and upload multiple images to the As-Found and As-Left images.

  9. Click Complete.