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Intergraph Smart Completions Android Help (5.3.19)

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You can view the Non-Compliances created in SaaS, and can make changes to them in the Android application.

  1. Click Non-Compliances to view the NCs and its properties in a list view.

    Non Compliances

    Select the C/O search to view the list of checked out Non Compliances. When the C/O is in default state, you can view all NCs irrespective of the checkout status.

Using the Non-Compliances manager you can:

  • View a list of all Non-Compliances within a project view.

  • View NC datasheet.

  • List of C/O or non- checked out non-compliances.

  • View details of NCs.

  • Create a Non Compliance.

  • Edit a Non-Compliance to add images, edit properties, and so on.

  • Copy a Non-Compliance.

  • Assign projects as phases, stages and activities

  • Assign systemization as plants, process areas, systems and subsystems

  • Assign location as plants, facilities, areas and locations

For more information, see Browse by Location/ Systemization/ WBS.

You can search for a specific non-compliance using the column search and Search Non-Compliances option. To enhance your search experience, you can now multi-select the available search options lists. For more information, see Using Search in Mobile Application.

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