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Intergraph Smart Completions Android Help (5.3.19)

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You can view the documents created in SaaS, and can changes to them in the Android application.

  1. Click Documents to view the documents and its properties in a list view.

    Document URL

    The search for check out C/O column is disabled for documents.

  2. Select the PDF icon for the document you want to view. The document opens and you can read through the complete document information.

    You can now view third party documents available in the third party document management system both online and offline.

The Documents Module allows you to:

  • View all Documents associated with a project

  • View Document Details

  • View Documents on a web page in a different window of your browser by using the URL Document URL Icon icon.

  • View, Download and/or Print (to a Wi Fi enabled printer) the document in PDF format.

  • Click pdf-android icon in the PDF file column to download a document in PDF format.

  • You can search for specific documents by using the column search and Search Documents option. For more information, see Using Search in Mobile Application.

    documents search