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You can view the preservations created in SaaS, and can make changes to them in the Android application.

  1. Click Preservations to view the preservations and its properties in a list view.

    Preservations Lists

    • For a preservation, the preservation task model id is shown if an instance is never started or if an existing instance is already completed.

    • If an instance is running for a particular preservation, only the instance is shown in the list view.

    • Select the C/O search to view the list of checked out preservations. When the C/O is in default state, you can view all preservations irrespective of the checkout status.

    • When you check out a preservation, it is marked in green color, where as a preservation checked out by another user is shown in orange color.

  2. Click on a preservation id to open the Preservation Summary tab where you can view all the details associated with it.

    When you select a preservation which is already checked out by another user, you see a message on screen stating "Cannot be edited as it has been checkout by another user: <username>".

  3. Click on the PDF icon to view the datasheet associated with the particular preservation. The datasheet has all the details related to the preservation instance and associated task ID.

    When you open the datasheet associated with a preservation model id, it generates a datasheet with no data because; the task is executed at an instance level only. Whereas for a preservation instance, an instance related datasheet is generated for a task.

  4. You can search for specific preservations by using the column search (based on Preservation ID, Description, Responsible Company, and Tag) and Search Preservations option. When you click on search row check box, the following happens:

    1. First selection: Filters out the check out items by you.

    2. Second selection: Shows the list view with non checked out preservations.

    3. Third selection: Lists all preservations.

To enhance your search experience, you can now multi-select the available search options lists. See Using Search in Mobile Application for more details.

Preservations Search

The Preservations Module allows the user to:

  • View all Preservations associated with a project.

  • View Preservation Task Datasheet.

  • Execute Preservation Tasks (Preservation Summary, Steps Completion including the ability to take a picture for each step and task Completion).

  • Create Non-Compliance items from preservation task steps.

  • View all the associated third party and asset related documents of the preservations both online and offline mode.