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12.1 (2019)
  1. Select the Smart Interop Objects to claim. For example, when you "fence select" a pump, you might accidentally select more than the pump object. You select the nozzles associated with the pump. You can also select the foundation under the pump, even though the foundation is not nested under the pump in the Workspace Explorer.

  2. In the Active Project box on the main toolbar, specify a Smart Interop project.

    If the appropriate project does not appear in the list, click More to open the Select Active Project Dialog Box.

  3. Click Project > Claim.

    The software associates the objects with the active project.

  • You must have Write access to the active project in order to claim an object to it.

  • An object can be related to only a single project. If you attempt to claim an object that belongs to another project, the claim fail You must use the Release Claim command to set the relationship back to the as-built and then re-run the Claim command to claim it to the new project. For more information, see Release claimed Smart Interop objects.

  • You can create a filter of objects by project and set a style rule, so objects belonging to a certain project are easily distinguished.

  • If errors occur when using the Claim command, refer to the Troubleshooting Reference Guide Help for additional information.