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You use the following tasks frequently when working with As-Built projects.

Create a Fit-For-Purpose Operations Model

During Handover, you convert the Smart 3D design model to a fit-for-purpose operations model. This involves consolidating data from Smart 3D and other legacy systems such as PDS and PDMS to a common data format. You can also bring in laser-scanned point cloud data and reference it in the model. After you translate your source data, you review the suitability of the output and make modifications as needed.

Translate model source files

Smart Interop Object Validation

Create an As-Built Project and Set the Active Scope

All changes to the operations model are made within the context of an As-Built project. In order to make design changes, you must set the active scope by claiming a portion of the model to the As-Built project. When you complete the required changes, you release the objects so they can be claimed by another project.

Create a new As-Built project

Claim Smart Interop Objects

Release claimed Smart Interop Objects

Make Design Changes

For more information, see Design Workflows.

Generate Drawing Deliverables

You can generate isometric and orthographic deliverables directly from the as-built model. For more information, see the Drawings Extraction.