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Certain terms carry a specific connotation for their usage within the context of Smart Interop. The following terms are used frequently when you are working with the Smart 3D model.

  • As-Built describes the digital model intended to accurately represent the physical model as it was built (constructed). Objects in the as-built model contain property values (for example, contractor or industry commodity codes) that associate the model objects to physical objects in the model.

  • Greenfield describes the design and construction activities at a new location or an addition to an existing facility.

  • Brownfield describes a physical asset (model) that is undergoing a revamp, retrofit, or new construction (after demolition).

  • Digital Twin is the virtual representation of the physical 3D model. The digital twin contains all the essential data -- the 3D graphics, drawings, and model data -- for operations and maintenance of the Smart 3D physical asset.

    As-Built and Digital Twin are used interchangeably in this document.

  • Handover describes the transfer of engineering data and project documentation captured during the design and build phase of a Smart 3D model to the operations team.

  • Project defines the scope of work approved for capital expenditure. Typically, a project begins in the design world and then progresses to the physical world when the actual construction is approved. All changes to the digital twin are performed within the context of a project under strict change control.