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12.1 (2019)

  • Before using the Generate SIO Utility, you must use Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher to translate the design tool data to Smart Model format. See Format-Specific 3D Model Translations in the Intergraph Smart 3D Smart Interop Help.

  • The first time that you add Smart Interop Objects to a model, Smart 3D updates that model and its catalog with additional schema information. This schema update requires the regeneration of the model and catalog database views. Depending on the size of the model, the regeneration of views could take a while to complete.

  • By default, the Generate SIO Utility supports processing files with the following source type values: S3D, PDMS, and PDS_XML. If you need to generate Smart Interop Object data from an unsupported source type, you must edit the Generate SIO configuration file. See Generate SIO Utility.

  1. Click Start > Smart 3D > Modify Database and Schema Location and select your site.

  2. Click Start > Smart 3D Generate SIO to open the Generate SIO Utility. If the utility does not display on your Start menu, navigate to [Product Folder]\ProjectMgmt\Tools\bin, and then double-click GenerateSIO.exe.

  3. In Source Folder, select the folder that contains the translated .zvf, .mdb2, and .json files to convert to Smart Interop Objects.

  4. Select the model in which to create the Smart Interop Objects.

  5. Assign the Smart Interop Objects to a permission group. You can copy the extracted PDS model data files to individual folders based on discipline. While generating the SIO objects, you can individually select these folders and load them with the respective permission group

  6. Click Generate. When the process finishes, a message displays in the Status box.

    To view processing results, click View Log before closing the utility.