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12.1 (2019)

Converts the Smart Model data output from Intergaph Smart Interop Publisher to Smart Interop Object format and adds the objects to the site and model that you specify. Before using this utility, you must use Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher to translate the 3D model data into .zvf and .mdb2 format. See Translate model source files.

To ensure that the generated Smart Interop Object data has the proper object type classification, is organized correctly in the system hierarchy, and supports workflows for pipe routing and isometric drawing generation, the utility only processes files with the following source type values: S3D, PDMS, and PDS_XML. If the source type value is something other than one of the default values defined in the Generate SIO configuration file, those files are skipped during processing and an entry is written to the log file with an explanation similar to the following:

"Skipping processing of <path\filename.mdb2> with data from unsupported source type <source type value>."

If you need to generate <SIONames> data translated from an unsupported source type, such as structural data in IFC file format, you must first edit the Generate SIO configuration file to include the additional source type. To do so, navigate to the [Product Folder]\ProjectMgmt\Tools\bin folder, and open GenerateSIO.exe.config using your default text editor. Locate the <appSettings> element, and add IFC as an AdditionalSourceTypes value.

<add key="AdditionalSourceTypes" value="S3D,PDMS,PDS_XML,IFC" />

If you fail to add IFC as a source type in the above scenario, the data is ignored and a message similar to the following displays in the Status box and is written to the log file: "Skipping processing of path\filename.mdb2 with data from unsupported source type IFC."

Smart Interop Objects generated from an unsupported file format such as IFC might have limited functionality, as well as issues with classification, system hierarchy, and port connectivity.

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