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12.1 (2019)

The WBS as-built project is synonymous with the Smart Interop project. In the current version of the software, you use the Create New WBS Project command to create a new Smart Interop project.

Only one WBS as-built project is allowed per model.

  1. Select the WBS tab in the Workspace Explorer.

  2. Right-click the root node at the top of the tree view, and then click Create WBS Project on the shortcut menu to open the Create New WBS Project Dialog Box.

    The grid on this dialog box has two columns. The Property column identifies the properties for the as-built project. The Value column displays a value that you can review but cannot change, or a value that you can type or select from a list.

  3. Select As-Built in the Project Purpose list.

  4. Type a unique name for the new project in the Name box. This setting is mandatory.

  5. Specify other options as needed for the project.

  6. Click OK.

    The software create the project, and then adds the project to the model hierarchy on the WBS tab of the Workplace Explorer.

After you create the project, you can distinguish between areas, units, and design groups using the Create WBS Item command. When defining WBS items, you can create different levels of segregation using the WBS Type and WBS Purpose settings. For example, you might want a task-based separation (Piping, Electrical, Structural, and so on).