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To create supported version specifications in SDB, add the Revision Number attribute to the following specification sheets, Piping Material Class (PMC) Rule sheets in the Data Table Configurations screen:

  • PipingCommodityFilter

  • PipingMaterialsClassData

  • ServiceLimits

  • PipeNominalDiameters

  • PipeBranch

  • PermissibleTaps

  • JointQualityFactor

  • ThicknessDataRule

  • ReinforcingPadData

  • ReinforcingWeldData

  • BoltSelectionFilter

  • NutSelectionFilter

  • WasherSelectionFilter

  • GasketSelectionFilter

  • AllowablePipingMaterialsClass

  • BendAngles

  • CorrosionAllowance

  • DefaultProjectOptions

  • InsideSurfaceTreatment

  • OutsideSurfaceTreatment

  • MinimumPipeLengthRulePerSpec

  • MinPipeLengthPurchasePerSpec

  • PipeTakedownParts

  • PortAlignmentPerSpec

  • WeldClearanceRule

  • DefaultChangeOfDirectionPerSpec

  • PipeTakedownParts

Project Default Setting

Enable the project discipline defaults setting ‘ZX_REV_ACT’ on A.20.13. By default, it is set to ‘N’. Change this to ‘Y’ to enable Spec Revisioning.

Update Retrieval Source for "Revision Number" attribute

Update the retrieval source for the "Revision Number" attribute as shown below for all the above-mentioned sheets.

Default Project Options

On the DefaultProjectOptions sheet in Smart 3D > Integration > Data Table Configurations screen, change the PipingSpecVerManagementOption to 2 (Enabled).

Revising the Spec

After creating the first revision spec in Smart Reference Data, issue the spec by clicking the Issued check box in SRD > Spec > Spec Management.

Make sure that all idents are generated for all the spec items.

After issuing the spec, the Revise Spec option will be enabled. Click Revise Spec to create the next revision of spec automatically.

When the revision of the spec is done, a pop- up message is displayed as shown below.

Exporting the Revised Specifications

Now create the export job. Select the spec item to be exported with its spec name and revision number.

The exported spec will have revision numbers on all the specification sheets as shown below.

If a user bulk loads the exported spec into an empty Smart 3D catalog, they will observe bulk load errors related to the Revision Number attribute in the bulk load log file. To avoid this, Hexagon strongly recommends customers to first bulk load the Default Project Options sheet and then bulk load the other sheets.