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Engineering companies and operators have typically invested a substantial amount of time, money, and knowledge into the creation of intelligent and high-quality piping standards and other plant content.

Advantages of Smart Reference Data - Smart 3D Integration

The advantage of the Smart Reference Data – Smart 3D integration is that it permits engineers to re-use and maintain this knowledge asset while leveraging it for their Smart 3D projects:

Intelligent Dataset: The information and data being managed in Smart Reference Data is intelligent and serves many different purposes (2D design, 3D design, documentation & reporting, purchasing, and so forth). The rapid generation of Smart 3D catalog data is another utilization option for an existing information asset.

Supports global work share: The Smart Reference Data component and specification management processes and functions support global work share, thereby enabling the efficient creation and maintenance of Smart 3D catalog data.

Once the interface has been initially configured, creation of the Smart 3D catalog no longer requires knowledge of the Smart 3D catalog management functions.

Smart 3D users also benefit from proven Smart Reference Data advantages such as the highest information quality through referential integrity, change management, and the support of multiple, independent catalogs/libraries.

Direct cost-saving opportunities related to this integration are associated with the man-hours saved during the creation and maintenance of the Smart 3D catalog:

  • Reuse of Dataset: The reuse of existing components and specifications in Smart Reference Data not only increases efficiency for a given project in the set-up of Smart 3D, but also reduces the man-hours required.

  • Reduced Maintenance: The time and effort associated with changes/modifications to the Smart 3D catalog during project execution is reduced through Smart Reference Data’s referential data integrity and automated change management mechanisms.

  • Specialist knowledge in Smart 3D catalog management is only required during the initial set-up of the interface. The need for expensive IT support during day-to-day project execution is further decreased.

Indirect benefits in cost, time, and quality are also realized by using Smart Reference Data:

  • Reduces risk: The Smart Reference Data -Smart 3D interface ensures that piping engineers and designers use the same information/data as the Purchasing, Logistics, Construction, and Documentation departments. This maintains the integrity of internal communication and helps avoid misunderstandings, thus mitigating risk.

  • Components created by Smart Reference Data are often more "intelligent" than components created by other systems. This "intelligence" advantage helps to substantially automate/improve downstream work processes (for example, Quantification, Requisitioning, and Construction Forecasting/Planning).

Advantages of Smart Reference Data – Interfaces with other tools

In summary, the advantage of the Smart Reference Data – CADWorx and SmartPlant Isometrics interfaces are that they permit engineers to re-use and maintain this knowledge asset while leveraging it for their CADWorx and SmartPlant Isometrics projects.

The advantages and benefits of Smart Reference Data – Smart 3D Integration are extended to the CADworx and SmartPlant Isometrics, Smart Electrical, Smart Instrumentation and E3D/PDMS interfaces as well.