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Geometric Rules

Geometric rules concept is a complex subject in Smart Reference Data. There are many complex approaches for linking commodity codes to geometrics. SDB tries to manage geometric rules in a simple and clear way. Generally, SDB creates a new geometric rule for every commodity part (an exception is geometric rule L). SDB may also create a separate rule for the same commodity part but for different standards.

For example, geometric rule for buttwelded cap is defined as BCAP for US standards and BCAP_EN for European standards.

Example Scenario

A customer wants to have a fully customized version of a geometric rule (the customer does not want any update for this geometric rule).

Solution: Change the control status to 4.

Geometric Rule Definition

Example Scenario

A customer created a new dimensional geometric (its name begins with X) and wants to link this geometric to SDB standard commodity parts. If customers want to link any geometric to a commodity part that they created themselves, they should create a new geometric rule instead of extending an existing geometric rule.

Solution: Create a geometric rule definition with a sequence number greater than 4000.

Limitation: Only customized geometrics can be used to extend standard geometric rules. If the customer encounters a situation where they need to modify a geometric rule definition that uses an SDB standard geometric, this means that SDB has an error regarding that geometric rule definition. In this case, the best solution is to contact the SDB service team. Another solution is to change the geometric rule control status to 4 on the Geometric Rules screen, as mentioned previously.