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  1. Create a new commodity code with a new table detail ‘K’ for a multi-port valve operator from Commodity Codes Grid present in the SRD > Component Manager > Commodity/Ident Management.

  2. Add the port number, valve operator types, and valve operator number to a commodity code on the MultiPortValveOperatorData sheet on Templates.

  3. Add the valve operator type, operator part number, and short material description for the new valve operators on the ValveOperatorMatlControlData sheet on Templates.

  4. Add operator data for GearBoxActPDB336 on Templates.

  5. Add operator data for chainwheelAsm02 on Templates.

  6. Add the commodity code to the spec, export the spec, bulk load the spec into the Smart 3D catalog, and then users will be able to place the multi-port valve operator into the Smart 3D model.