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  1. Use an existing part in group ‘I’ or create a new part in this group.

  2. Follow the same procedure as in Smart Reference Data for creating piping components - create geometric tables, object parameters, commodity codes, assign the geometric tables to the commodity codes, and so on.

  3. After creating the commodity codes, assign the group and part to the part class sheet on Data Table Mappings screen present under Integration > Smart 3D > Smart 3D Configuration.

  4. Create the required item mappings in the Component Mappings tab in the Attribute Mappings screen.

  5. Add these commodity codes, tag number, size range, requisition type, and geometric type to the InstrumentClassData [Custom, Generic Tag] in the Templates (page, window, tab?).

  6. If users want to assign the instrument items to the spec, add these commodities to the spec on Spec Editor from SRD > Spec > Spec Editor.

  7. Export these commodity codes along with the spec or independently.