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7.1 (2018 R1)

SmartSketch is the only desktop application that gives you the power to create quick sketches, complex engineering designs, production drawings, plot plans, schematics, business diagrams, and more.

Use industry solution templates with available symbol sets.

  • Sketch ideas spontaneously and accurately, instantly transforming them into precise CAD geometry.

  • Reduce prototyping time with what-if scenarios and testing of real-world models.

  • Merge your designs with AutoCAD and MicroStation using the module for translation.

  • Add text and spreadsheets from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; integrate with popular databases.

Industry Solutions Available with SmartSketch and SmartSketch Solutions Options

Get a quick start in projects with workflow templates tailored to different industries including:

  • Process: Process Flow Diagrams, P&ID, Electrical Schematics, Ortho Piping, Control Loop, Process Block Diagramming

  • Business Diagrams: Workflow Diagramming, Basic Diagramming, Office Layout, Flowcharts, Organization Charts

  • Network Diagram

  • Technical Drawing

  • Mapping: Atlas Mapping, Directional Mapping

  • AEC: Architecture, Construction, HVAC, Plot Plans, Site, Landscape

  • Mechanical: Mechanical Drawings (ANSI & ISO)

SmartSketch Works with Leading CAD Products

Unlike most low-end sketching and drawing products, SmartSketch supports major existing CAD environments such as AutoCAD and MicroStation. You have full import and export capabilities for traditional CAD data. In addition, you can work with .dgn and .dwg data in native formats—as if these formats were OLE-enabled.

Acting as wrappers around foreign data, OLE servers allow you to simply drag AutoCAD or MicroStation data into SmartSketch. You can even locate points in the CAD geometry and work directly off those points in your SmartSketch document.

This capability—giving you live access to legacy data—makes SmartSketch a powerful tool on your desktop.

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