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SmartSketch Installation

Installation & Upgrade
7.1 (2018 R1)

An essential part of the drawing process is adding text, notes, and annotations. Text can clarify the meaning of your SmartSketch drawings, and you can use text to document changes you and other SmartSketch users make to a drawing. You can use text to:

  • Describe the process a shape represents in a process flow diagram.

  • Add title blocks and bulleted lists to your drawings.

  • Annotate a drawing.

You can add text to your SmartSketch drawings quickly and easily with the Text Box, Label, and Balloon commands.

Text boxes allow you to enter text into a text-only field, which is a stand-alone shape with no visible lines. Text boxes are useful for notes, titles, addresses, and lists. Once placed, text boxes can be rotated, moved, and resized.

Text labels and balloons are always associated with the element or object that was labeled. An associative annotation moves when its associated element moves. You can create text labels in a drawing by double-clicking the element or symbol. You can use balloons to refer to an element or symbol in free space.

For additional information on adding and changing text, use these online Help keywords: Annotations, Balloons, Labels and Text.

Enhancing Your Drawing

You can use color and style formats to make your drawing a more powerful communication tool, or simply to make it look more aesthetically appealing. You can use styles to modify the look of lines, colors and text, and apply preformatted color schemes.

For additional information on working with color and style formats, use these online Help keywords: Colors, Formatting, and Styles.