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7.1 (2018 R1)

The SmartPlant License Checkout utility allows you to obtain licenses for SmartPlant products for use on a non-networked computer (for example, a remote laptop). Using this utility allows you to run SmartPlant products without a network connection to the license computer. Each user on a server can check out a license on that machine. When you check out a license, the license and expiration information are stored for use by the application. Your Hexagon application determines the license information location and whether the checkout operation applies to all users or a single user on the same system.

Each time you start the product during the checkout period, a message displays the expiration date for the checked-out license. When the checkout period for the license expires, the application attempts to request a license using SmartPlant License Manager the next time you start the product. For example, after the license expires at 11:59 PM on the expiration date, the next time you start the product, it attempts to access the SmartPlant License Manager license machine for base and module licenses prior to running.

  • For information on products supported by the SmartPlant License Checkout Utility, see the Intergraph PPM Compatibility Matrix - Product Report page on Smart Support: Hexagon PPM Support.

  • You must install and configure SmartPlant License Manager before checking out a license.

You must have administrator privileges to setup and install the utility.