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SmartSketch Installation

Installation & Upgrade
7.1 (2018 R1)

In SmartSketch, a template is used as a starting point in creating a drawing. The SmartSketch solution templates are industry-specific and come pre-formatted with appropriate units and scale factor, borders, title blocks, toolbars, and symbol sets. The advantage in using SmartSketch templates is two-fold: (1) organization of task-specific symbols, and (2) prevention of redundant formatting. Templates are therefore the basis for creating many of your day-to-day projects.

Each time you start SmartSketch, a new document is displayed. This document is based on the Normal.igr template. Ultimately, the template that you use depends on the type of information you want to place in the document. For example, if you want to create a drawing that contains a schematic of a process flow diagram, you can use the PFD template.

When you base a SmartSketch drawing on a particular template, that template automatically points to the symbols you would most likely use for that type of drawing and displays them in the Symbol Explorer. Additionally, you have access to specific tools that allow you to create either a schematic diagram or a precision drawing.

  • Schematic diagrams are primarily created using symbols, connectors, and text at a 1:1 scale. Schematic diagrams do not represent a logical flow. The Schematic toolbar is available when you select a template designed to create a schematic diagram.

  • Precision drawings represent physical elements such as lines, arcs, curves, and rectangles that you draw precisely with the Draw toolbar. Precision drawings are created at real-world scale, and you can maintain relationships between elements in precision drawings.