Save and Print Your Work - SmartSketch - Installation

SmartSketch Installation

Installation & Upgrade
7.1 (2018 R1)

You should frequently save your drawings as you work. You should also be sure to save any symbol and template files that you change. You can set an option to automatically save open drawings at the interval you specify. This safety feature prevents you from losing work in case of an unexpected system shutdown.

The first time you save a drawing, SmartSketch displays the Save As dialog box which displays a default name and directory location. The file name and directory location can be changed. SmartSketch also allows you to save your drawing in a variety of file formats. Additionally, you can save your drawings in a SmartSketch version 5.x format so that customers and co-workers who have not yet upgraded can open and work with your drawings.

For additional information on saving and printing your drawings, use these online Help keywords: HTML, Printing, and Saving.