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SmartSketch Installation

Installation & Upgrade
7.1 (2018 R1)

Flowcharts, organization charts, block diagrams, and network diagrams are all connected diagrams – diagrams that show relationships between symbols. SmartSketch connectors are key features for illustrating relationships. Without them, many of your drawings will lack the necessary linear logic for effective communication. You use connectors to illustrate such things as logical flow (as in a computer-programming diagrams), hierarchical relationships (as in a
corporate organization chart), and physical and virtual connections (as in electrical and computer network diagrams). A connector behaves like a line; when selected, red circles denote its endpoints (where it can connect to symbols). In SmartSketch, connectors use intelligent routing to maintain connections between objects and symbols. When you attach a connector to a keypoint or connect point on the symbol or to the symbol itself, they stay connected even when you move one or both, which prevents you from accidentally losing the original relationship between symbols - enormously helpful when you add or revise your drawing later on.

Once it is placed, you can modify the connector by inserting or moving a line segment, inserting or moving a vertex, or moving an element with a connector.

For additional information on working with connectors, use these online Help keywords: Connectors, SmartPoints, and Symbols.