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SmartSketch Installation

Installation & Upgrade
7.1 (2018 R1)

SmartSketch offers a variety of industry-specific options that can help increase your productivity. Each option provides a pre-formatted work environment that includes workflow- specific templates, toolbars, menus, and symbol content.

  • Sample Files - Includes drawings based on SmartSketch and optional add-in templates that show the features of this product.

  • AEC Solutions: Provides tools for creating commercial and residential construction drawings. A variety of AEC templates and symbols are provided with the SmartSketch AEC Solutions option. After installing AEC Solutions, you will be able to use the AEC templates with any AutoCAD, MicroStation, or IGR reference file. 

  • Electrical Solutions: Contains industry-specific templates (both Imperial and metric), task-specific toolbars, and industry-standard symbols that let you quickly and easily create electrical schematics.

  • General Solutions: Provides a set of templates for creating professional business diagrams and drawings.

  • Image Integrator: Provides integrated tools for viewing and manipulating images in a vector/raster drawing environment. You can manipulate all or part of an image using such edits as cut and move, copy and move, tint, paint, or erase. You can adjust contrast and brightness, or invert the pixel values to negative or positive. You can even scale and rotate images to match vector drawings or maps using source and target registration points.

  • Mechanical Solutions: Includes symbol sets that let you create and place GD&T (Geometric Dimension and Tolerancing) and Weld Symbols into SmartSketch drawings.

  • Process Solutions: Provides industry-specific templates, task-specific toolbars, and industry-standard symbols that let you produce 2D process diagrams, schematics, and precision drawings. With the included report macros, you can easily create component reports.

  • Symbol Authoring: Provides integrated tools for creating new symbols and modifying existing symbols within a SmartSketch drawing.

  • Translators: Allows you to translate or reference MicroStation and AutoCAD files for use with SmartSketch. MicroStation and AutoCAD fonts, line styles, and fill styles are fully supported, so you can modify your drawings in SmartSketch and then save them as either MicroStation or AutoCAD formats.

  • Programming Tools: Provides access to Visual Basic macros and source code, the Macro Wizard, and Programming Help.