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SmartSketch Installation

Installation & Upgrade
7.1 (2018 R1)
  1. If you have not already installed and configured SmartPlant License Manager on your workstation, we recommend doing so before installing SmartSketch.

    If your SmartSketch installation requires SmartPlant License Manager software for concurrent licensing, you must install the SmartPlant License Manager software before invoking SmartSketch. The licensing software is delivered on its own disc that comes with your SmartSketch product. For more information about configuring and using concurrent licensing, see the SmartPlant License Manager Installation and User's Guide (SPLMInstall_Guide.pdf).

  2. Insert the SmartSketch product disc into the disc drive. If the installation does not start automatically, double-click setup.exe in the main folder.

    If you are using SmartPlant Enterprise, insert Disc 1 of the SmartPlant Enterprise DVD set.

  3. On the SmartSketch Installation window, click SmartSketch Installation.

    • If you are using SmartPlant Enterprise, click Engineering Schematics Software and then click SmartSketch Installation.

    • The MS VC++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package with MFC Security Update is a required prerequisite for the installation of SmartSketch. If this is not found on your system, you are prompted about the requirement. Click Yes to install this MS package and continue, or click No to return to the SmartSketch Welcome page.

  4. Click Next on the Welcome page.

  5. Enter your name, your company's name, and the serial number. Optionally, click the checkbox to install the thirty day evaluation version of SmartSketch, which does not require a serial number. Click Next.

  6. Verify that the registration information is correct, and then click Yes.

  7. Select your country from the list, and click Display to view the license agreement.

    The license agreement is delivered as a PDF file; consequently, you must have Acrobat Reader 8.0 or higher installed on your computer in order to view the license agreement. If the software detects that Acrobat Reader is not installed, a message box displays and the setup process terminates without installation SmartSketch.

  8. Carefully read the licensing agreement. When you are finished, close the PDF file and click Yes to accept the terms.

  9. Select the location where you want to install SmartSketch and click Next.

  10. Select the destination for drawing files you create with SmartSketch and click Next.

  11. Select the type of setup you want to install and click Next.

    • The following chart summarizes the components that are installed by default with each type of setup. Components that are available only through the Custom setup can be installed at any time.

      Setup Type

      What's Installed ...


      SmartSketch program, Help (User's Guide and product Help), General Solutions and Translators option.


      SmartSketch program and any of the available SmartSketch Solutions options you select. For more information on the SmartSketch Solutions options, read Overview of SmartSketch Options.

      You can also choose to install the Sample Files component using the Custom setup.

    • The General Solutions component provides a set of functional templates for creating professional business diagrams and drawings, including efficient tools and SmartSymbols for drag-and-drop workflows.

    • The Sample Files component includes drawings based on SmartSketch and the SmartSketch Solutions templates that illustrate many features of the product.

  12. Review any setup information. If everything is correct, click Next. If you want to change any information, click Back to return to the applicable screen and modify the information as necessary.

  13. Click Finish to complete the installation process.