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Automatic profile optimization can be started after you select the parts, profiles, and remnants to nest. The software calculates optimal results by minimizing material waste. Parts are nested only on profiles and remnants that have similar characteristics, usually the same profile type and the same quality.

Click Optimize on the main Profile window to start the process and display the NC program tab in the Solutions window. The software checks the starting information, gathers the source information for the optimization, and starts the optimization.

The Profile application saves optimized nestings in the database when the process completes, and displays the results in the status window. For more information, see New Result.

Several factors affect how long the optimization process takes:

  • Number of different parts (order items)

  • Number of different profiles and remnants

  • Short parts, which take more time than long parts

  • Speed of the computer (workstation)

Optimization results depend on all the given starting data; parts, profiles, remnants, the sawing machine, and the parameter group. The limits of the sawing machine and the parameters decrease nesting alternatives, which affects the result.