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Profile_Settings_Properties tab

Tool width

Specifies the width (or kerf) of the cutting tool in millimeters.

Cut tolerance

Specifies the cutting tolerance between two parts in millimeters. The software considers this value in addition to the kerf width defined by the Tool width value.

Parts overlapping

Specifies the overlapping method for the slanting ends. The nine overlapping methods (0 through 8) are defined in Parts overlapping methods.

Angle method

Specifies the angle of the cut end.

Cut insufficient last bundles

Specifies whether the cutting process saws the last bundle as a smaller bundle, reducing waste. The last bundle is set to the same size as all bundles when this property is set to Not Allowed.

Profile trim front

Specifies the straightening allowance for the profile front trim in millimeters.

Profile trim back

Specifies the straightening allowance for the profile end trim in millimeters.

Profile end trim method

Specifies the method for straighting the ends of the profile. This property uses the Profile trim front and Profile trim back values.