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Displays when you click Settings on the main Profile window. The Settings window maintains information about each cutting machine. You can modify machine information, or add new machines and remove old machines based on machine configurations.

The software uses information about the features of each cutting machine to determine whether the machine has limiting factors that might affect results during the nesting process.

List view

Displays the cutting machines selected the Cut Method list on the main Profile window.

Profile_Settings_Add ICON Add

Adds a new machine to the list. Machine names must be unique.

Profile_Settings_Save ICON Save

Saves changes to the selected machine.


Removes the selected machine from the list.

Profile_Settings_Print ICON Print

Prints the configuration of the selected machine.

Properties tab

Allows you to specify the cutting method parameters.

Restrictions tab

Allows you to configure the cut-offs for nesting.

Nesting tab

Allows you to configure the nesting.

Optimization tab

Allows you to configure the nesting process for optimization.


Maintains the machine information.