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The Search tool allows you to find information using search criteria you define.

Find information in the database

  1. Select the database field to search from the drop-down list. Name is selected in the example below.

    The selections in the drop-down list correspond to column names in the database you are searching.

  2. Type a search term in the first text box.

  3. Select an operator from the drop-down list between the two text boxes. The following operators are available:

    = - equal sign; indicates "or"

    >< - restrictive mark; limits the search to items found between the two typed search criteria

    != - not equal sign; filters values outside the given criteria

  4. Type a search term in the second text box.

  5. Click Search to start the command. The numbers on the left side of the Print button update to reflect the number of lines selected from the total number of lines in the list.

    The list count above the Search tool uses the following format: Selected Lines/Displayed Lines. Displayed lines refers to the total number of order lines displayed in the Profile window. It does not represent the total number of order lines in the database.

  6. Modify the search criteria and click Search to perform additional searches.

  7. Click Reset to clear the search criteria. Clicking Search after resetting displays the database contents using predefined filters (for example, nestable profiles on the Order Items tab).

  8. Click Print to print the list of data lines.