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  1. Create an attribute group on the A.50.01 Attributes screen and add attributes for all EcoSys column names which are required for account codes integration.

    The attribute names should exactly match to the EcoSys column names.


  2. Now create two attribute sets on the A.50.04 Attribute Sets screen and assign the attributes defined in the previous step.

    1. Create one attribute set and assign mandatory attributes that are used to identify unique key columns (it is mandatory to specify the value).

      The first attribute in the set must be WBSPath ID, and CostAccount ID the next, because this order is used while transferring the fields of job table dynamically while posting agreements, requisitions and invoices.

      All these mandatory attributes are concatenated to generate a unique Account Code.

      The format of Account Code can be specified in the CIP acc_budget_format with p_format parameter.

      Assign this attribute set value to the DBA Setting ECO_ACC_UK.


    2. Create another attribute set and assign non-mandatory attributes which are required to view the Account Code related information in J.10.02.

      Assign this attribute set value to the DBA Setting ECO_ACC_ATTR_SET.


  3. Create an account code structure on the J.10.01 Account Code Structures screen and assign attributes (defined in step 1 above) which represent the required EcoSys Account Code related columns.

    By default, after the Account Codes job is run, an Account Code structure is automatically created in J.10.01 according to the value assigned to project default ZI_E_ACSTR, and the attributes corresponding to attribute set assigned to DBA Settings ECO_ACC_UK and ECO_ACC_ATTR_SET are automatically assigned to this Account Code structure.

    In J.10.01, each account code structure can have up to seven attributes, which act like columns for each account code in J.10.02.


    The picture below shows how the attributes appear on the J.10.02 Maintain Account Codes screen.


To integrate EcoSys account codes with Smart Materials, first the columns are identified which define the uniqueness of an account code, WBSPATHID and COSTACCOUNTID. In J.10.02 the Account Codes of EcoSys are fetched into the columns WBSPATHID, COSTACCOUNTID, PROJECTCURRENCY, and COSTINPROJECTCURRENCY.

On the J.10.03 Account Codes screen, values are displayed for Account Code, Short Description, Currency, Planned Budget, and Revised Budget.

First time the Account Codes job runs, budget values are inserted into Planned Budget. From the 2nd time the Account Codes job is running, the budget is considered as revised budget and displayed in the Revised Budget column.