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All the Line Items of a valid agreement are posted to Commitment Line Items of EcoSys.

All the agreement Line Items are posted to Commitment Line Items section of EcoSys. In Smart Materials, once the agreement is approved, any of the Line Items data cannot be changed, but a supplement can be created to make any changes to the agreement Line Items. Or, you can reverse the approval of the agreement supplement and apply the changes.

Once the latest changes of the agreement are posted to EcoSys, you can see the latest supplement number of the corresponding agreement is updated in the EcoSys Commitment header section.

When a new Change Order (CO) is created for an agreement

If the Cost, Quantity, Currency, or Account Code of the Agreement Line Item changes, then the change is sent to maintain the budget at EcoSys.

By default, if Cost or Quantity change, then the difference in these values is sent as a new Commitment Line Item to EcoSys.

By default, if the Currency or Account Code of Agreement Line Item changes, then the Commitment Line Items sent earlier to EcoSys are nullified, by sending the negative value of cost which was sent earlier and a new Commitment Line Item is sent to EcoSys with the latest Currency and Account Code.

These change management columns can be customized using the CIP m_pck_ecosys_custom.get_po_li_modifiers.

If the EcoSys account code at agreement header is removed in Smart Materials after the agreement data is posted to EcoSys, then all the supplements data of that agreement is nullified.

Example of Change Management

  1. Initially post few Agreement line items to EcoSys as shown in below snapshot. Let us consider four line items and different parameters of Change Management.

    • 1-1 line item has Quantity = 100 EA

    • 2-1 line item has cost = 1000 USD

    • 3-1 line item has Account Code = TRG-

    • 4-1 line item has Currency = USD


  2. Now, create a Change Order in Smart Materials for the above Agreement and modify Quantity, Cost, Account Code, and Currency as described below.

    • 1-1 line item changed Quantity to 300 EA. The delta value is +200

    • 2-1 line item changed discounted price to 2000 USD. The delta value is +1000

    • 3-1 line item changed Account Code to ‘TRG-’

    • 4-1 line item changed Currency to ‘GBP’

  3. Now approve the agreement and run the Agreements job. In the following snapshot observe how the change management is handled.


When an agreement Approval is Reversed

If agreements job is run immediately after reverse approval of an agreement in Smart Materials, then all the agreement line items of that supplement which are posted to EcoSys are nullified by updating the existing records to 0 (zero).