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This process is required only for those EcoSys service URLs that starts with https.

You can configure the Oracle wallet in a two-step process:

  1. Download the SSL Certificates

  2. Create a wallet using the Oracle Wallet Manager.

Download the SSL Certificates

To download SSL Certificates, do the following:

  1. Browse Ecosys Application/API https URLs in the browser.

  2. In the browser, click Show/View site information, and then click Certificate.

  3. In the Certificate pop-up, select Certification Path.

  4. Select a Certificate (root or intermediate), and then click View Certificate.

  5. Select the Details tab> click Copy to File, and then click Next.

  6. Select the export file format as Base-64 encoded X.509(.CER), and then click Next.

  7. Select the folder to save the certificate > click Next > click Save.

  8. To add all the root and intermediate certificates repeat steps 4 through 7.

Create a wallet using Oracle Wallet Manager

To create a wallet using Oracle Wallet Manager, do the following:

  1. Open Oracle Wallet Manager.

  2. Click New. To create a default wallet directory, click Yes, and to continue, click Yes.

  3. Type the wallet password and then reconfirm the password.

  4. To create a Certificate request, click No.

  5. To import the certificates, select the empty certificate, and click Operations > Import Trusted Certificate.

  6. Select the option Select a file that contains the certificate, and then click OK.

  7. Navigate and select the certificates from the certificate folder, and then click Open.

    The certificates are added to the Trusted Certificates list.

  8. Save the Oracle Wallet on a machine where the PL/SQL code can access the wallet.

    If Oracle wallet is not created in DB server, then copy this wallet to DB server where the PL/SQL Code can access the wallet.

After configuring the Oracle Wallet, to use it, provide the Oracle Wallet path and password in the following project defaults:

  • Set wallet path in project default ZI_E_WPATH, and provide the path format file as "file:<filepath in db server>".

  • Set wallet password in the project default ZI_E_WPWD.