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Intergraph Smart Materials EcoSys Integration (2.3)

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Administration & Configuration

Below CIPs give you a provision to change the default logic and implement your own logic in the custom package m_pck_ecosys_custom.

  • get_cost_per_ivcd_lineitem: Gets the cost value of an invoice line item.

  • get_cost_per_ivc_other_costs: Gets the cost value of other cost of an invoice.

  • get_ivc_ac_cost: Gets the cost value of additional invoice item of an invoice.

  • get_ivc_ac_acc_code: Gets the account code related to additional invoice item of an invoice.

  • get_ivc_columns: Use to map the EcoSys attributes with Smart Materials columns i.e. in CIP, Ecolname is mapped with SmatcolName.

    • The Ecolname in CIP should match with the EcoSys attribute name in InvoiceDetails API and is case-sensitive.

    • The SmatcolName in CIP is Smart Materials column name in MVW_ECO_IVC_LINE_ITEMS view.