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Administration & Configuration

All the Requisition line items are posted to Commitment LineItems section of EcoSys. In Smart Materials, once the requisition is released, any of the line items cannot be changed, but a supplement can be created to make any changes to the requisition line items.

If the Cost, Quantity, Currency, or Account Code of the Requisition changes, then the change is sent to maintain the budget at EcoSys. By default, if Cost or Quantity columns change, then the difference in these values is sent as a new Commitment LineItem to EcoSys. If the Currency or Account Code columns change in Requisition Line Item, then the Commitment LineItem is nullified which was sent earlier to EcoSys, by sending the negative value of cost which was sent earlier and a new Commitment LineItem is sent to EcoSys with the latest Currency/Account Code. These change management columns can be customized using the CIP m_pck_ecosys_custom.get_req_li_modifiers.