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Smart Instrumentation Version
2018 (12.0)

Allows you to create a folder structure for managing relation rules and single component rules.

Tree view

Allows you to create, delete, or modify rules or folders using the toolbar icons, the Edit or File menu commands, or commands available on the shortcut menu. You can create any number of folders or rules in the tree view.

Rule List

Contains folders for each module in Smart Instrumentation where you can add sub-folders or create the rules you want to use in Smart Instrumentation. Each module file contains two sub-folders, Consistency and Disable properties, here you create and define your rules. New folders can be added to these folders. You cannot add rules to the Rule List folder, only to the various sub-folders.

Interface rules

Engineering rules shipped with the software. By default, these rules are disabled (except the KKS Cable Name rule). To activate, the user must clear the Disable Rule check box on the General tab of the Rule Properties dialog of each required rule.

  • You cannot delete the default folders.

  • Name of rules and folders must include at least one alphabetical character.