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2018 (12.0)
  1. In the tree view, select the folder you want to create your inconsistency rule in.

  2. Select Edit Menu > Add Rule Command PPM All Outputs Graphic.


    Right-click and select Add Rule.

  3. On the General Tab (Rule Properties Dialog), type a name and a description for your uniqueness rule.

  4. Under Priority set the priority level for your new rule.

  5. Select the Rule Components Tab (Rule Properties Dialog), and under Component1, select next to the Item type field.

  6. On the Select Item selection list, select an item type, for example Loop.

  7. Select the Single component check box.

  8. Select the Consistency Tab (Rule Properties Dialog), and under Operand 1 select the same item type as set in the Rule Components.

  9. Under Property, select the required property, for example Loop Service.

    Only those properties that are associated with the selected item type are displayed.

  10. Under Copy, select None.

  11. Under Compare, select Unique.

  12. Under Operand 2, type the same value as Operand 1.

  13. Under Property/Value, type a value, for example Lowest Plant Group.

  14. Under Action, select one of the following:


In the event of an inconsistency, an error message will be displayed allowing you to accept or reject the item. For example, if the rule relates to the uniqueness of a documents name, you can accept the duplicate name or reject the duplicate name and rename the document.


In the event of an inconsistency, an error log is created but no action is taken.


In the event of an inconsistency, a warning message is displayed and you are not allowed to continue until the inconsistency is fixed.

User interface rules work only with items in property forms (dialogs), they do not work with EDEs or the Spec module.