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2018 (12.0)

Allows you to specify if the rule is a relation rule or single component rule, and define the rule components. The Rule components consist of item types available in Smart Instrumentation. When creating a relation rule, you specify a pair of rule components. When creating a single component rule, you specify only one rule component.

SHARED Tip You must define rule components to be able to open the Consistency tab.

Component 1

Allows you to specify the first rule component and set the rule as a single component rule.

Item type

Displays the first rule component. Click to open the Select Item dialog box and select a component.

Single component

Allows you to set the rule as a single component rule. Select this check box, when you want to create a single component rule for the component specified in the Item Type box under Component 1. Single component rules enable you to evaluate and validate consistency of the properties or property values of a specific item tag. Clear this option if you want to create a relation rule.

Component 2

Available only when the rule type is a relation rule. Enables you to specify a second rule component, which you can then use as an operand when defining logical relations in the Consistency tab.

Item type

Displays the second rule component.  Click to open the Select Item dialog box and select a component. The Select Item dialog box displays only those components that are related to Component 1.

To expand the dialog box so that you can view more information, drag the edges.