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SAP represents network activities as belonging to one network header and one WBS element. In common usage, the corresponding network header belongs to the same WBS element as all the network activities under it. However, in some configurations, it is possible that a network activity belongs to a WBS element that is different from the WBS that owns its network header.

In this case, the EcoSys ERP Adapter duplicates the network header element in EcoSys and positions it under the network activity’s WBS element. This is done to preserve the reporting structure and roll-up calculations. However, it does mean the network header nodes may be represented by more than one cost object in EcoSys.

In the following example, ACTIVITY 70 is under WBS 20, but belongs to network header NET B, which itself is under WBS 10. In this special case, the Adapter makes a duplicate node for NET B under WBS 20, and positions the activity there, allowing the roll-up reporting to be consistent