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Export planned costs from EcoSys to SAP WBS cost plan

Main inputs

  • EcoSys version from which to retrieve costs.

  • Start and End Date (range to export). Refer to the appendix on [LastRunTime], if applicable.

  • One or both of:

    • List of cost objects to export (external IDs).

    • List of cost object category values to export (matching root cost objects are included).

  • Default settings to apply to new WBS elements in SAP:

    • Controlling Area

    • Cost Plan Version

Refer to the Project/WBS Key Mappings section for details about how these elements correspond to each other.



 <parameter name="version">Current Baseline</parameter>

 <parameter name="startDate">2010-01-01 00:00:00.000</parameter>

 <parameter name="endDate">2010-12-31 23:59:59.999</parameter>

 <parameter name="controllingArea">BWXT</parameter>

 <parameter name="sapCostPlanVersion">0</parameter>

 <parameter name="costObjectExternalIds">




 <parameter name="costObjectCategories">

   <category type="SAP Export">YES</category>



In the current version of the software, export of planned cost values does not assume the source data contains only one transaction per period. If multiple transactions exist per period in EcoSys, all of them are sent to SAP. The transactions are then summed up based on per period. This method eliminates the need to sum up multiple transactions in each period to a single transaction.