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Import budget totals from SAP to EcoSys as transactions. These totals are pulled from the following SAP tables: BPVJ (Line Items Annual value) or BPVG (Line Items OverAll value)

Main inputs

  • Forecast type: Use BUDGETED for budget totals.

  • Version in EcoSys where forecasts are saved.

  • Cost account in EcoSys where forecasts are saved.

Optional inputs

  • SAP version: Specifies the VERSION value in SAP on which to filter. The default is to include all).

  • Value multiplier (set to -1 if incoming revenue values are negative).

  • Budget Type: Specifies the VORGA value in SAP on which to filter.

  • isAnnualValue flag to indicate whether annual or overall total values need to be pulled in. If you set the flag to False, overall total values are pulled in from BPVG tabl. Othewise, the adapter pulls in annual total values from BPVJ table.

  • Start and end Fiscal year (GJAHR in SAP on which to filter). Used only if annual values are being pulled in.

  • Start and end document create date (CPUDT in SAP on which to filter).

  • Commit batch size: Indicates the number of cost line items to commit in one API request when importing large projects from SAP to EcoSys. If nothing is specified, the default value is 500.



<parameter name="version">Budget Forecast</parameter>

<parameter name="costAccount">0000404000</parameter>

<parameter name="startDate">1997-01-11 00:00:00.000</parameter>

<parameter name="endDate">2013-06-11 23:59:59.999</parameter>

<parameter name="forecastType">BUDGETED</parameter>

<parameter name="commitBatchSize">500</parameter>

<parameter name="startFiscalYear">2011</parameter>

<parameter name="endFiscalYear">2013</parameter>

<parameter name="budgetType">KBUD</parameter>

<parameter name="isAnnualValue">true</parameter>

<parameter name="costObjectExternalIds">