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Import commitment line items for project(s) from SAP to EcoSys.

Main inputs

  • Forecast type: Use COMMITTED to import commitments as forecast values; this will match both normal and closed commitments.

  • Version in EcoSys where forecasts are saved.

  • One or both of:

    • List of cost objects to import (external IDs).

    • List of cost object category values to import (matching root cost objects will be included).

  • Include additional structures: Flag that indicates WBS elements only (False) or WBS, network activities, activity elements, and work orders (True).

    Importing commitments for networks is not supported.

  • Start and End Date (range to import)

Optional inputs

  • Value multiplier (set to -1 if incoming revenue values are negative)

  • Commit batch size: Indicates the number of cost line items to commit in one API request when importing large projects from SAP to EcoSys. If nothing specified, the default value is 500.

  • Cost Element range (start and end values)

  • Cost Element Category range (start and end values)

  • Cost Element Group

  • SAP ledger number, usually 00 for actuals. This needs to be provided for performance gain as this field is part of database index.

  • This operation can load many fields that might not be applicable to every user of SAP Adapter. The operation supports parameters that can control whether those fields are read from the SAP system.

    • includeUnloadingPointField: Controls the reading of Unloading Point (ALBAD) field from EKKN table. By default, this is not loaded. For the adapter to read this field, set the parameter to Y.

    • includePODocumentHeaderFields: Controls the loading of Purchase Order document header fields. The fields controlled by this setting are ZTERM and WKURS from EKKO, and TEXT1 from T052U tables. By default, these fields are not loaded by the Adapter.

    • includePODocumentItemFields: Reads document line item fields from EKPO table. By default, these fields are loaded by the Adapter. As such, you can restrict the loading of these fields by setting the parameter to N in the .xm filel. The fields included are EREKZ, WERKS, AEDAT, NETPR, INCO1, INCO2, BANFN, TXZ01, MATKL, KONNR, and KTPNR.

    • includePOLineItemChangeDateField: Controls the loading of purchase order document line item change date (UDATE) from CDHDR table. The default setting is N. If the fields need to be loaded, set the parameters to Y.

    • includePOClearingDateField: Controls the loading of the Clearing Date (AUGDT) fromthe BSAK table. The default setting is N. If the fields need to be loaded, set the parameter to Y. You can also optionally change the table name from default BSAK to something else by using clearingDateSourceTable parameter.

    • includePOIssueDateField: Controls the loading of the earliest processing date (DATVR) for purchase order issue from Message Status table (NAST).

    • messageTypes: Specifies the Message Type (NAST-KSCHL) filter while importing PO Issue Date. There is a default list (ZML,ZOMS, ZSVB, ZHSD, ZAES, NEU, ZSNC, ZARB, ZNPO, ZSHD, ZICX, ZICS) of messages that are used to filter in the message types that need to be looked at for reading issue date. This parameter provides the ability to override the default list.

  • Refer to the sample .xml file to see how these parameters can be used. They are shown in the sample with the default values for the parameters.

  • For details on how these elements correspond to each other, refer to the Project/WBS Key Mappings section.



 <parameter name="forecastType">COMMITTED</parameter>

 <parameter name="version">Committed</parameter>

 <parameter name="startDate">2010-01-01 00:00:00.000</parameter>

 <parameter name="endDate">2010-12-31 23:59:59.999</parameter>

<parameter name="startCostElementCategoryRange">01</parameter>

<parameter name="endCostElementCategoryRange">03</parameter>

<parameter name="costElementGroup">CACA</parameter>

<parameter name="commitBatchSize">500</parameter>

<parameter name="includeAdditionalStructures">true</parameter>

<parameter name="includeUnloadingPointField">N</parameter>

<parameter name="includePODocumentHeaderFields">N</parameter>

<parameter name="includePODocumentItemFields">Y</parameter>

<parameter name="includePOLineItemChangeDateField">N</parameter>

<parameter name="includePOClearingDateField">N</parameter>

<parameter name="clearingDateSourceTable">BSEG</parameter>

<parameter name="includePOIssueDateField">Y</parameter>

<parameter name="messageTypes">




 <parameter name="costObjectExternalIds">




 <parameter name="costObjectCategories">

   <category type="SAP Import">YES</category>