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Import timesheet hours from SAP to EcoSys as they relate to a project. Optionally, include unapproved hours, approved hours, and external hours.

Main inputs

  • Version where actuals will be saved in EcoSys.

  • Datasource: CATS TIMESHEETS (specify this to distinguish this operation from the default import actuals for posted actual line items).

  • Start and End Date (range to import): These match the SAP timesheet work day, inclusive of both start and end days, no filter by time of day.

    Using the LastRunTime syntax is not supported for these fields because they do not use a timestamp component.

  • Include additional structures: Flag that indicates WBS elements only (False) or WBS, networks, and network activities (True)

  • Include Unapproved Hours: Flag that indicates load unapproved timesheet hours from CATSDB. If not specified, the default setting is False.

  • Include Approved Hours: Flag that indicates load approved timesheet hours from CATSO and CATSPS. CATSPS depends on the Include additional structures values also being set to True. If not specified, the default setting is False.

  • Include External Hours: Flag that indicates load approved and transferred timesheet hours from CATSMM. These values are associated with WBS elements only. If not specified, the default setting is False.

  • One or both of:

    • List of cost objects to import (SAP project IDs).

    • List of cost object category values to import (matching root cost objects will be included).

  • Optional inputs:

    • Value multiplier (set to -1 if incoming revenue values are negative).

    • Commit batch size: How many cost line items to commit in one API request when importing large projects from SAP to EcoSys. If not specified, the default value is 500.

    • importTransferredForApprovedHours flag: Use this flag if only the records with that have a transferred field value equal to X are required for approved timesheets. By default, only the records with transferred equal to ‘ ‘ are imported.

Refer to the Project/WBS Key Mappings section for details on how these elements correspond to each other.



<parameter name="version">System Actuals</parameter>

<parameter name="startDate">2012-01-01</parameter>

<parameter name="endDate">2012-03-31</parameter>

<parameter name="datasource">CATS TIMESHEETS</parameter>

<parameter name="costObjectExternalIds">




<parameter name="costObjectCategories">

<category type="SAP Import">YES</category>


<parameter name="commitBatchSize">500</parameter>

<parameter name="includeAdditionalStructures">true</parameter>

<parameter name="includeUnapprovedHours">true</parameter>

<parameter name="includeApprovedHours">true</parameter>

<parameter name="includeExternalHours">true</parameter>